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ALI bigIn recognition of May as AntiquityNOW Month, AntiquityNOW is proud to announce its partnership with Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), the organization behind the very popular streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel (TAC).

Celebrating its 14th year in 2013, ALI since 2003 has hosted The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, a juried festival attracting entrants from around the world, drawing attention to the enormous treasures of the past as well as their plight when confronted by the ravages of wars, economic circumstances, politics and time itself.  TAC is the media arm of ALI, whose mission is to tell the human story through media.  A fundamental postulate of ALI is that archaeology has important messages to deliver accurately and completely to people worldwide about our origins and development as a species, and that among these messages are those about mistakes we have made in the past and must not make in the future.

As part of our alliance with ALI, AntiquityNOW will produce a video series for children on what it is like to be an archaeologist with ALI’s Founder and President, Dr. Richard Pettigrew.  A North American archaeologist for 42 years, Dr. Pettigrew has conducted research with the University of Oregon, INFOTEC Research, Inc., and as an independent consultant.  He also has published numerous technical works, including solicited contributions to the Smithsonian Institution Handbook of North American Indians.  He has a strong background in computers, mathematics, remote sensing, lithics analysis and obsidian studies, has taught University classes, has been invited to many professional conferences and is a peer reviewer for several professional journals and the National Science Foundation.  Since 1999, in the process of developing ALI and TAC, he has cultivated a strong specialization in public outreach through digital media.  In 2006 the Society for American Archaeology awarded him its Award for Excellence in Public Education.

AntiquityNOW is pleased to welcome Archaeological Legacy Institute and together make archaeology come alive for children everywhere.

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Update: AntiquityNOW and ALI are launching the first LegacyQuest International Children’s Film and Video Festival open to young people between the ages of 12 and 15 (6th – 8th grades) in the United States and abroad. The festival will premiere in May 2014.  This festival will showcase antiquity and its influences today as seen through a child’s eyes.  We welcome submissions by children individually (with adult as sponsor) or as part of classroom projects. Click here for full submission details!

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