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Bon Appetit Wednesday! National Ice Cream Sundae Day…Again

sundae kidIt’s National Ice Cream Sundae Day! Again! Apparently there are two national holidays for the creamy frozen treat (the other one’s in November), but we’re not complaining. To help you celebrate, we’re bringing you the history of ice cream and hot fudge as well as recipes and info about ancient dishes that can be used as sundae toppings. Check out the links below and start feasting!

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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Cacao Wine

Cacao pod. Image courtesy of Genet at German Wikipedia.

Cacao pod. Image courtesy of Genet at German Wikipedia.

We love chocolate at AntiquityNOW. One of the first blog posts we published was about the history of chocolate (Hot Chocolate: Gift of the Gods Since 1900 BCE), so it shouldn’t be surprising that given the chance to bring you another chocolate recipe we jumped for joy! This holiday season, look no further for the drink that will delight your guests and make you the talk of the party scene: Cacao Wine from ancient Honduras. You can either buy some from Dogfish Head breweries (it is in limited release and may be difficult to find) or tackle the adventure of making your own batch with the recipe below. Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! National Sundae Day

Ice_cream_sundaeI scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream! It’s National Sundae Day and you know what that means… cool, creamy, delicious sundaes served with a topping of ancient history. Did you know that Hot Fudge Sundaes have ancient origins? Check out our blog post, Hot Fudge Sundae: A Dessert 5,000 Years in the Making, to learn more about this yummy combination of past and present. And don’t miss our version written just for kids here. Continue reading