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It’s Christmas in July! Free Gifts for Everyone from AntiquityNOW


Are you yearning for carols? Are you longing for tinsel and ornaments? Is there not enough cheer in your life? We’ve got the cure for the July blues. It’s Christmas time!

First, learn about the history of Christmas in July by reading this insightful and fun-filled post from last year: Happy Christmas in July!

Next, check out all of the free gifts we have to offer: Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Grandma Joyce’s Fishcakes for Your Christmas in July Dinner

800px-Fishcake_on_saladSummer in the northern hemisphere is a great time for long days on the lake or beach and glorious fish fries with friends and family. Today we’re bringing you a great recipe for your family fry. It’s a recipe featured in our 2013 Recipes with a Past E- Cookbook and brought to us by one of our guest bloggers, Russell Fleming. The recipe has been passed down in his family for generations. Now you can share it with your family. Continue reading

Happy Christmas in July!

christmas in julyChristmas is a celebration with ancient roots and shared customs across many cultures. Mythology, religion and politics have through the millennia influenced how Christmas became what it is today. And let’s not forget the role that marketing has played in making this holiday a worldwide phenomenon. (Don’t miss our blog series on the history of marketing). But a newer celebration has taken off in recent years—Christmas in July. Many think it’s a marketing scheme launched to clear out old merchandise and prepare for new products. But Christmas in July has a much older derivation: Continue reading