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The Bazaar Shop at copyThe Holidays are upon us and so is searching for those gifts for the special people in your life. Visit The Bazaar for unique treasures capturing our ancient world legacy. Along with our AntiquityNOW merchandise we are featuring original designs by Artist-in-Residence Dan Fenelon. In his designs you’ll find tribal and primitive imagery striking a contrapuntal note to modern interpretations. Whether you’re an aficionado of ancient designs or a confirmed modernist, Fenelon’s perspective has a beguiling appeal.  Happy Holidays!

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Ancient Dentistry Part 2: A Mummy, A Mystery and Queen Hatshepsut’s Molar

Ancient Egyptian dentistry.

An example of ancient Egyptian dentistry.

In Ancient Dentistry Part 1: Drills, Gemstones and Toothpaste!, we looked at how dentistry was practiced millennia ago in Pakistan, Slovenia, Algeria, France, North America and Egypt. Drilling, implants and tooth bling were some long ago procedures with fascinating modern day correlations.  Ironically, despite having toothpaste and dental procedures, it seemed that the Egyptians suffered a great deal of tooth discomfort, which was apparent from the formulas for pain potions found recorded on papyrus and in the condition of the teeth of many mummies. Continue reading

AntiquityNOW Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2014

*Click here to see a slideshow of remarkable women throughout history featuring music by the 12th century female composer Hildegard von Bingen.

Recent Archaeological Discovery Reveals That in Antiquity Thin Was Out and “Stylishly Plump” Was In

Image courtesy Krzysztof Grzymski

It is resolution time! Popular culture and media are booming with ideas for weight loss– Dr. Oz’s green shakes, CNN’s stories of inspiration, The Biggest Loser’s dedication to stopping childhood obesity and countless advertisements for gym memberships. According to the website Statistic Brain, resolutions to lose weight ranked number one on a list of top resolutions in 2012 and it is safe to assume 2013 will be no different. Continue reading