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The Disneyfication of Pocahontas and the True Story of Uleleh

pocahontasThe story of Pocahontas has all the elements of a good drama: danger, the threat of great cruelty, bravery, a hint of romance and prevailing mercy. Who doesn’t like to imagine a beautiful young Native American princess shielding a handsome English soldier just as a warrior’s club is raised to deliver a deadly blow? Continue reading

Turn Up the Radio and Name That Ancient Tune: Archaeological Legacy Institute to Launch 24-Hour Indigenous Music Programming

UPDATE! Originally posted on August 6, 2013, today we are republishing our post about Indiji Radio, a new indigenous music program by AntiquityNOW’s partner the Archaeological Legacy Institute.  This month ALI is raising funding through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign (ends on October 24, 2013), so we thought we would delve once more into the mystery and beauty of ancient sound with ALI’s President Rick Pettigrew.

IndijiRadioLogoMusic has had a special place in the human experience.  It has defined many a people and given shape to cultures throughout time.  However, unlike ancient paintings and artifacts, music is evanescent, its notes sometimes captured in memory and ritual, but all too often lost in the recesses of time. Continue reading