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“Is It Time to Rethink Our Ideas About Preserving World Heritage?” A Provocative Question in Dire Times

AN Forum

The Financial Times’ recent article, “Is It Time to Rethink Our Ideas About Preserving World Heritage?” by Jonathan Foyle, explores whether in the face of the ongoing destruction of cultural heritage from natural disasters and “human aggression, theft and errors of judgment,” new ways of preserving our heritage should be sought. Continue reading

2013 Winners of The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival

TAC IFVFIn our last blog post we told you about this year’s big winner at The Archaeology Channel’s International Film and Video FestivalThe 2000 Year Old Computer took top honors in both the juried competition as well as the audience vote.  However, this wasn’t the only film to snag an award. The 2013 festival was full of amazing entries.  Here are a few of the winners in other categories: Continue reading

Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday: 1,800 Years of Buddhist Art Preserved by 21st Century Virtual Reality

Chinese Buddha caves

The digital reconstruction of the south cave of Xiangtangshan with the missing fragments shown in yellow and reproduced in their original location. Image courtesy of BBC News.

Many people around the world are celebrating the birth of Gautama Buddha today. Across the globe revelers are gathering to honor the sage and his teachings that are the foundation of Buddhism. However, not everyone celebrates the milestone on this day. In fact, there are several different recognized days that differ according to the country and even the particular branch of Buddhism. Regardless of the day chosen, it is a time of joy, reflection and community. Continue reading

Ancient Green Technology

???????????Today, we celebrate the earth and we think about all the ways we can help to cherish and protect it. We have come so far in our efforts to develop new ways of preserving our planet and with modern technology our carbon footprints are getting smaller every day, but the concepts that allow us to “go green” actually date back tens of thousands of years.

Green TechYou can learn all about “seven incredibly innovative uses of geothermal, water, wind and solar power from around the ancient world” in the fascinating article 7 Ancient Wonders of Green Design & Technology from WebEcoist.

As you celebrate today’s earth, remember the ancients who cared for and protected their planet and provided us with the blueprints to do the same.