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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Ancient Russian Blini: Oh So Savory and Oh So Sweet

blini_1-tIt’s the second week of the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia and the competition is fierce as each country strives to up their medal count before the closing ceremonies. Maybe you’re planning a big closing ceremonies party or maybe you just need something to munch while you cheer on your favorite athlete. Perhaps you’re in a festive mood.  Maslenitsa is a traditional holiday in Russia celebrated from February 24th – March 2nd.  We’ll get to that in a bit. Either way, this week’s recipe is sure to please. In honor of Mother Russia, we’re exploring the ancient origins of Russian blini.  We’re going to give you two modern blini recipes, one savory and one sweet, so you’ll be prepared no matter what you’re craving. Continue reading

KIDS’ BLOG! Ancient Origins of the XXII Winter Olympics

sochi-2014-262145_640When the Greeks gathered in Olympia for the first Olympic Games in 776 BBC, I’m sure they never imagined that one day, far in the future, the Games would be held high in snow covered mountains or on playing fields made of ice. How could they know that their foot races would turn into races on blades (speed skating) and chariot races would become daring flights around a track made of pure ice (bobsled)? In 1924, the first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France featuring cold-weather sports.  Today we celebrate these Winter Games every four years. Did you know that just like the Olympic Games themselves, many of the winter sports have ancient and historical origins? Continue reading