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Bon Appetit Wednesday! Rosh Hashanah Around the World: Ancient Influences, Modern Recipes

rosh-hashanah-plan-hamas-4Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is upon us again and AntiquityNOW wants to wish you peace and joy in the coming year. L’Shanah Tovah!

This year the first day of the holiday falls on a Bon Appetit Wednesday, so it’s the perfect time to share some delicious recipes. For those who don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, it is easy to assume the food is very uniform, with all observers around the world dining on the same basic dishes year after year. While it is certainly true there are traditional foods with deep meaning and significance that are included in many Rosh Hashanah meals, there also exists a great variety among dishes (read our blog Traditional Meets Modern: Celebrating the Foods of Rosh Hashanah for more information on the traditional menu). The people of each country, region and household have been influenced by their ancient past. And so, a Rosh Hashanah cookie is not just a Rosh Hashanah cookie. It is flavored with unique and sometimes ancient ingredients, prepared and eaten by Jewish families who have planted roots all over the globe, and is passed down to future generations who will add their own twist to the recipes. A cookie becomes a wonderful fusion of past, present and future. Let’s explore two examples of how regional differences can create wonderful variations of favorite dishes. Continue reading

In Case You Missed It…2013 Recipes With a Past!

Recipe Ebook Cover*Don’t miss our 2013 recipe book filled with delicious food from main courses to drinks and desserts.

Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Julia Child…giants in culinary arts known for their expertise, personal franchises and larger than life personalities.  But they aren’t the only chefs known for their style.

How about those Babylonian epicures whose haute cuisine recipes date to c. 1750 BCE during the reign of Hammurabi?[1]

Ever see the culinary page-turner Hedypatheia (Pleasant Living or Life of Luxury), written around 350 BCE by Archestratus, a Sicilian Greek? [2] Continue reading

Bon Appetit Wednesday! Roasted Leeks and Apples: A Thanksgiving Savory and Sweet

leeksThis modern dish is a delightful savory and sweet combination that uses two popular ingredients: leeks and apples. It can be served as a side dish to any entrée.

The leek and apple have nourished people for thousands of years. Both have been cultivated across the world and enriched our mythology and literature with symbolism. Continue reading

Traditional Meets Modern: Celebrating the Food of Rosh Hashanah

The Shofar is blown in a synagogue during Rosh Hashana. Image courtesy of How Stuff Works.

The Shofar is blown in a synagogue during Rosh Hashana. Image courtesy of How Stuff Works.

L’Shanah Tovah![1] It is the first full day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Jews around the world are celebrating with introspection, prayers for renewal and food having meaning and symbolism for the holiday. Continue reading